The Arrangement


There is no rehearsal for a funeral and usually only a small window of time available to plan a suitable tribute.

Often family members are surprised at the amount of personal information that is required for Births, Deaths and Marriages.  There is a form on our PLANNING page to help you with the information required.  If it is easier for you, you can submit this to Boyd funerals direct, on-line.

There is no particular format that must be followed in arranging a funeral and Boyd funerals can help you plan step by step.

Burial or Cremation
Often family preference and tradition will help with this choice, as does knowing the wishes of your loved one.  You also have the option of having an attended or not attended service.

You may wish to have a Service at a church followed by a cortege to the cemetery or crematorium for the final committal.

You could choose to have the complete Service at the church, crematorium chapel or at the graveside. You may decide to have a private committal for immediate family at either the cemetery or crematorium.

Choosing Burial
There are many options available when choosing burial for your loved one. The family may already have an existing plot or for a new purchase it is best that you attend your preferred cemetery for advice and what they can offer for your loved one.

Newer cemeteries often operate as lawn cemeteries, however they will have monumental sections and offer an area for mausoleums and crypts if your preference is for above ground burial.

Choosing Cremation
There are a variety of options for memorialisation of your loved ones ashes.  Crematorium memorials in gardens or wall niches, in an urn at home or in a columbarium, interring in a family grave or scattering in a favourite place.
Crematoriums can hold the ashes for a short time while you make up your mind.  Alternatively Boyd funerals are happy to collect your loved one from the crematorium on your behalf and deliver direct to you ~ this just gives you extra time before you make a decision.  We can also offer you a choice of urns and other alternatives for containment of your loved ones ashes.

Flowers can be an important part of the funeral. They can express the individuality of the person who has passed away.

Perhaps Grandfather grew orchids ~ if they’re in flower, you may wish to have these to place on the coffin.

Most floral tributes are delivered to the cemetery or crematorium. Boyd funerals will arrange these at the service and collect the cards from them after the committal.
Should you choose not to leave the flowers at the cemetery or crematorium we will arrange with a close relative to take them on your behalf.  If you are having a gathering in one of the on-site function rooms, we can arrange to have the flowers from the coffin delivered to the rooms for display.
For attended burials, Boyd funerals can provide petals to scatter into the grave as a final goodbye.

Secular music has become popular and is helping families to personalise funeral services. Boyd funerals has an extensive register of music to select from, or you may choose to provide a favourite piece of music to be played.
A singer or musician could play or perhaps you have a talented relative or friend you would like to invite to make a more personal performance.
Clergy would prefer non-secular music for the Church Service and it is best to talk with your local clergy.

Memorial Book
It is your choice whether you have a Memorial Book for the funeral.
If you wish to have the book, it will contain all the details of the funeral and just as important, the names of guests who attended.

Balloons / Doves
It can be symbolic to release balloons or doves following the committal. Children especially find this helpful as part of their grieving process. For some, it can represent releasing their loved one from their life on earth and on to their next journey.

It is important to note that there are environmental rules in place in cemetery / crematorium grounds regarding release of balloons.

If your loved one has died due to a particular illness or disease, Boyd funerals can arrange for envelopes from your preferred organisation to be available for donations.

The days of there being a legal necessity for the placement of a newspaper notice are no longer valid.
In this day and age it is inevitable that all newspaper notices will automatically be placed on websites.
The notice is usually charged by the line, so costs will vary based on the amount of information submitted.

Your selection of newspaper is almost limitless. The notice can be used as an announcement for friends and family to obtain funeral details.  This is also the time to advise if you would prefer to have donations sent to a particular organisation in lieu of having flowers sent to the funeral.

The death and funeral notice are often placed in the one notice.

Webcasting is starting to be offered in some Chapels and there has been positive feedback regarding the web-casting service.
There are occasions where family have gone on holiday or live overseas and now they can attend the funeral ~ over the internet.

Webcasting enables family and friends who live far away to take part in your loved one’s funeral or memorial service. They are able to take part in the private viewing of memorial services at anytime, anywhere ~ over the internet ~ in a safe, secure environment.

Boyd funerals can arrange for your loved one to be returned to their own state or country. We will liaise with the local funeral home, local authorities and arrange appropriate transportation to facilitate a speedy return.

When someone dies interstate or overseas, procedures of the local authorities at the place of death are required to be followed. Boyd funerals can liaise with the local authorities and funeral home to arrange for your loved one to be returned home in a dignified manner.