What To Do


It is important to know that no deceased person can be moved without a death certificate unless they are transferred into the care of the coroner.

Should your loved one wish to be cremated, it is helpful to advise the doctor or coroner early on, so that the required cremation certificate can be issued at the same time as the death certificate.

The family (or executor) always retain the right to pick their own Funeral Director and should ignore any opinion to the contrary.

When Death Occurs At Home
When your loved one dies at home, the first person to contact will be the doctor who has looked after the person during the previous months. When the doctor has been and they have advised they will write the death certificate, call Boyd funerals before any further arrangements are made. We will assist you with everything that needs to be done and look after all the necessary arrangements.

When Death Occurs In A Hospital Or Nursing Home
The majority of natural deaths now occur in a hospital or nursing home. The attending physician will then write the death certificate.

The nursing home will ask you for your funeral directors details on admission and when death occurs, will usually make the call to them on your behalf.  Boyd funerals then assists you with everything that needs to be done and will make all the necessary arrangements.

When Death Occurs Accidentally or Suddenly
When your loved one dies accidentally or suddenly it is without doubt a shock and an experience for which you can never prepare yourself emotionally. The police will notify and make arrangements with the coroner and usually an autopsy is performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Once the police have been contacted, you should then contact Boyd funerals so we can assist you with what needs to be done and we will also liaise with the Coroner’s office.

Boyd funerals can arrange for your loved one to be returned to their own state or country. We liaise with the local funeral home, local authorities and arrange appropriate transportation to facilitate a speedy return.

When someone dies interstate or overseas, procedures of the local authorities at the place of death are required to be followed. Boyd funerals can liaise with the local authorities and funeral home to arrange for your loved one to be returned home in a dignified manner.